Our adhesives, sealants and tapes are used by customers in aerospace, defense, automotive, power, transportation and general industries. These products include epoxies, silicone, methyl methacrylate, polyurethane, SMP, anaerobic, UV curing and cyanoacrylates.

Adhesive, Sealants and Tapes

  • Anaerobic adhesives
  • Cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • Epoxy adhesives
  • Methacrylate adhesives
  • Polyurethane adhesives
  • Silane-modified polymers (SMP) Adhesives
  • Silicone adhesives
  • Aluminum tapes
  • Fiber tapes
  • PTFE tapes
  • PU tapes
  • Silicone tapes
  • Vinyl – Pressure Sensitive
  • PV Approved Tapes
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About Us

Arcson is a U.S. based company and supply chain partner for electronic, defense, aerospace, white goods, automotive and power generation industries. We serve our customers to maintain and sustain their critical product and equipment requirements.

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